We understand K-12 & Higher Ed

Educational facilities and the kids, staff and visitors who use them have unique needs and Hogan Security Group understands them better than anyone else. Tight budgets, questions about effective lockdown technology, access control, fewer skilled staff to get everything done...K-12 & higher ed safety and security has grown WAY more complex. 

Who can provide an expert, independent opinion on safety & security solutions?

Who can identify issues AND engineer affordable lockdown solutions?

Who can you trust to install, maintain and service all your doors and openings?

Hogan Security Group has installed and serviced Life Safety & Security products on more than 30,000 doors. We'd be proud to take a look at yours and see how we can help.

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Hunterdon County ESC Purchasing Co-op contract #185 Mechanical & Electronic Door Locking Systems & Products

Hogan Security Group is proud to have been awarded contract #185 to supply mechanical & electronic door locking systems & products to the members of Hunterdon County ESC Purchasing Co-op (HCESC), whose member sales totaled over $42.3 million dollars in 2016, realizing a savings of $11.8+ million. HCESC members can benefit from pre-negotiated, discounted rates for services and materials from Hogan Security Group. We aim to save members time - no need to put jobs out to bid! - money AND provide the best service in the field. Join the members who are already benefitting using Hogan Security Group's services through this contract today


Exclusive NJ State Contract Vendor, Security Hardware & Services

You have safety and security needs for a public sector organization in NJ? We can save you time, hassle and make your budget stretch further with guaranteed discounted rates on labor and materials when you purchase through Hogan Security Group's NJ State Contract. Let us engineer a solution to meet your budget & enhance your student or staff experience today

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Objective expertise, latest technology, turnkey solutions - all for education institutions

As an independent company certified by all major manufacturers in the safety & security field, Hogan Security Group engineers solutions that work for educational facility directors who may not wish to replace an existing systems, but are looking to make capital improvements over time.

  • Migration paths: We can create a plan with you that manages upgrades on a timeline that suits your budget. We find starting with perimeter doors and handling internal doors at a later date, can be an effective security solution for schools
  • Access control: We can install and program systems that make it a snap to manage access for janitorial staff, temporary or substitute teachers, parents and visitors. Keep traffic flowing freely around your facility on your terms
  • Service calls: facilities housing or hosting students and staff that suffer mechanical or electronic security issues require immediate attention. Call us when you need urgent attention