Door Problems? Send For The Specialists

Whether you have one door that isn't closing properly, a missing master key or want to upgrade your facility to a new access control system - our door safety & security specialists can help PS If you enjoy saving money and avoiding change orders and additional capital asks, we can make you very happy!

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With our service contracts, literally - We've Got Your Back

Doors typically have a shorter shelf life than virtually any other building component, resulting in significant replacement costs and disruption.

But, proper installation and maintenance can successfully prolong the working life of all your doors.

AND the right plan, like our "We've Got Your Back" Service Contract, can start saving you money from day 1! We can service TWENTY doors, twice a year, for less than it costs to replace ONE.

You will reduce capital expenses, improve your facility's security, and enhance your tenant, staff or student experience. 

For a surprisingly affordable investment.

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Our elite technicians LOVE handling annoying door issues

Tired of that door slamming? Issues with your card access system? Complaints from staff or faculty about a door not closing properly? Call us, tell us the problem and we'll dispatch one of our elite technicians to your site to take care of it for you. Door and door hardware involve surprisingly complex engineering and electrical issues - and you don't want to compromise the integrity of fire-rated doors or invalidate your warranty with unauthorized work. Leave it to the specialists at Hogan Security Group.

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Lockdown. Keyless locks. 

Looking to replace a lock, upgrade your perimeter doors, or rekey your facility? Yes, we can handle that. We are certified with all major manufacturers, and having worked on more than 30,000 doors, we can bet that we've addressed your challenges before - successfully.