Our Salto Partnership

Hogan Security Group holds the SALTO Systems Inspired Business Partner Award. Driven by innovation, SALTO is a worldwide leader in cutting-edge access control, setting new standards in security, manageability, and scalability. We're proud to partner with SALTO for our customers because it allows us to offer completely scalable, networked electronic access control. Contact us today for more information on how a SALTO system enhances your security



Inventors of SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) with patented and fast read and write data-on-card technology, expertise in applying virtual networks in the most secure way

  • Compatible with most common RFID technologies.
  • Compatible with leading physical security information management systems (PSIM).
  • Reliable products due to extensive in-house R&D, in-house production and in-house quality management.


Complete hardware and software platform, which fits virtually any door and any access point and suits all vertical markets

  • Open architecture and standardized interfaces allow seamless integration.
  • Future-proof scalability.
  • Longest in-depth knowledge of virtual network technology.
  • Integration of legacy credentials, and compatibility with other systems through multi-application.
  • Market-driven development.


Mechanical key management is costly, unsecure and a hassle. Upfront costs of replacing master keys, drilling out locks, updating all affected users’ keys, plus indirect costs like maintenance team productivity can be substantial

  • Cost-saving maintenance of door components.
  • Maximized ROI through buy-once philosophy.
  • Upfront investment is substantially less than with traditional wired access control solutions.
  • SALTO hardware is designed to cost-effectively meet international wireless technology standards.


Effective and time-saving management of all online, offline and wireless access points and applications in one software package

  • Different applications apart from doors can be included
  • Software structured around users and doors, easy navigation, user-friendly management
  • Multi-application allows one credential to be used for different applications
  • Update the access plan quickly, easily and securely

Hogan security group CASE STUDY: Princeton University

This project activated in 2012 goes from strength to strength


Students arriving at Princeton University this fall are finding more security in their residence halls. For the first time, their contactless campus ID card will be used to gain access to individual rooms. 

The contactless readers on the front of the dorms remain the same, but instead of being issued keys for access to specific rooms students will now tap their card and enter a PIN for access, says Keith Tuccillo, system administrator for life safety and security systems at Princeton.

Using technology from SALTO Systems, the massive deployment includes 53 residence halls and 3,700 individual locks. It impacts about 9,000 under- graduate and graduate students living in Princeton’s housing facilities. Learn more.