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At Hogan Security Group, we secure, control and protect doors assuring safety and security for our client’s personnel and assets. Doors are the primary line of defense in securing a facility and are the most critical operating component in providing safety as a means of egress from facilities. Doors also provide smoke and fire barriers throughout facilities. Properly engineered, installed and maintained doors are crucial to provide safe and secure facilities.

While a door may appear to be simple, door assemblies are quite complex taking into consideration the critical codes and standards that assure life safety. Door assemblies becomes significantly more complex when the function includes Card Access or Automatic operation, we specialize in the engineering, coordination and commissioning of these complex assemblies.

Our staff is trained on life safety and fire codes and we comply with all relevant codes to protect our clients.


Core Strengths

  • Access Control Hardware engineering
  • Key Control and Masterkey System design and management
  • Fire door raceway recertification
  • Door hardware ongoing and preventive maintenance
  • Factory certified staff in Assa, Allegion,RS2, SALTO, Vanderbilt products and integrated systems
  • Locksmith services. NJ locksmith license #34LX00017500
  • Knowledge of Life Safety codes and standards
  • Integration of Electronic door hardware
  • Fire Door Inspection
  • Automatic Door operators AAADM Certified staff
  • Standalone card access systems
  • Field retrofit of doors for access control hardware
  • Project management and Commissioning of Access Control projects
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Our expertise is the engineering and application of Security Door Hardware solutions. We are experts in areas where traditional distribution and trades have limited knowledge of electromechanical hardware.

We have seven certified field technicians cross trained in mechanical and electronic systems. Our management and technical staff has over 125 years combined industry experience. Fire door assemblies are a critical component of Life Safety in all facilities. HSG is certified to perform Fire Door Inspections to assure compliance with NFPA80 and NFPA 101 Life Safety Codes.

Core customers

  • Education K-12 and Higher Education
  • Healthcare
  • Corporate
  • Industrial

Geographic coverage

Located in Mercer County, NJ, we serve the Tri-state area with a focus on NJ. Less than an hour from Philly, less than two hours from New York City and Newark Delaware, and within three hours of Washington DC, if you have a door safety and security pain point, we'll be right over.


Hogan Security Group is a member of MIDJersey Chamber of Commerce, and the National Small Business Association (NSBA). Our CEO, Angela Leaney, serves on the NSBA Leadership Council - NE Region, and the General Advisory Committee for Mercer County Technical Schools