Getting from your current lockdown plan to your ideal lockdown plan

Truth: there is no one lockdown solution that works for every school or facility.

But the path to YOUR ideal lockdown plan does exist.

Why isn’t there a one-and-done single lockdown solution? Take NJ public schools as an example. The 2,492+ buildings that make up NJ public schools encompass:

  • Huge variation in size, age, configuration, setting, access points.
  • Huge variation in facility maintenance and building envelop components.
  • Huge variation in door hardware, key and access control systems.
  • Huge variation in security policies, procedures, objectives and strategies.
  • Huge variation in budget and ranking of priorities.

Multiple variations mean multiple best solutions.

So what is the path to YOU ideal lockdown plan? Your ideal lockdown plan that meets your goals will:

  • Start with an audit of where you are today. Every school has a plan, procedures, chain of command, and an access control system in place. Critically audit your current system and update/include learnings from recent drills. Build on your current plan to further mitigate the threat of violence and improve life safety and peace of mind for your students, staff and their families.
  • Detail a migration plan that stretches your budget and is efficient with your time. We find cycling improvements over time suits the needs of many K-12 and higher education institutions. Security planning is an organic process and the best plans evolve constantly. A migration path will continually improve your ability to mitigate violent incidents and add the right tools to meet your goals. 
  • Share your goals and concerns with your door safety and security specialists and ask them to bring the most innovative and affordable solutions to the table that work with your system and address your goals. Bring all stakeholders to the discussion, multiple points of view create the best plan. Updates to lockdown hardware and software can be added to your LRFP (long-range facilities plan) and implemented stage by stage for maximum impact.