Why Doors?


We have worked on more than 50,000 doors. Here's why

At Hogan Security Group, we secure, control and protect doors assuring safety and security for our client’s personnel and assets. Doors are the primary line of defense in securing a facility and are the most critical operating component in providing safety as a means of egress from facilities. Doors also provide smoke and fire barriers throughout facilities. Properly engineered, installed and maintained doors are crucial to provide safe and secure facilities.

While a door may appear to be simple, door assemblies are quite complex taking into consideration the critical codes and standards that assure life safety. Door assemblies becomes significantly more complex when the function includes Card Access or Automatic operation, we specialize in the engineering, coordination and commissioning of these complex assemblies.

Our team is trained on life safety and fire codes and we comply with all relevant codes to protect our clients. Our technicians are background-checked, fully-trained, certified, and responsive to your needs.